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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry services offered in Weston, FL

Unexpected tooth loss and sudden facial trauma require the skills of an expert oral and maxillofacial surgeon. At Periodontist of Weston, Tamir Segal, DMD, and the team are ready to help with emergency dentistry in a comfortable office setting. If you’re dealing with oral or facial trauma or lose a tooth, call the office in Weston, Florida. You can also use the online booking feature to make a non-emergency dentistry appointment anytime.

What does emergency dentistry mean?

Emergency dentistry is much like urgent medical care at a local medical practice, but with a specific focus on dental needs. If you have an urgent situation and need attention right away, reach out to Periodontist of Weston. 

A member of the friendly staff can fit you into Dr. Segal's schedule quickly. Emergency dentistry services are available during all regular business hours throughout the week.

What kinds of emergency dentistry services are available?

At Periodontist of Weston, emergency dentistry services encompass your face, mouth, and jaw. Dr. Segal's advanced training allows him to treat a wide range of emergencies, including:

  • Knocked-out teeth (tooth avulsion)
  • Lacerations in the mouth (inner cheek cuts)
  • Lip lacerations
  • Cheek or jaw area lacerations
  • Facial fractures: nose, cheek, and orbital (eye socket)
  • Jaw fractures

Dr. Segal specializes in trauma, whether it occurs because of an auto accident, a sports injury, violence, a fall, or for some other reason. 

What types of treatments does emergency dentistry include?

Emergency dentistry treatments vary with the tissue affected, with some common options including:

  • Stabilizing a loose tooth
  • Re-implanting an avulsed tooth
  • Replacing unsalvageable teeth with dental implants
  • Disinfecting and treating lacerations
  • Suturing lacerations
  • Facial nerve treatments
  • Salivary gland and duct treatments
  • Rigid fixation (plates and screws) to stabilize facial fractures 

Dr. Segal focuses on not only your function but also your appearance. When he has to perform surgery, he uses the smallest possible incisions, positioned in the most discreet areas to minimize the risk of scarring.

When should I return for a follow-up after emergency dentistry?

Dr. Segal gives you detailed instructions when you leave Periodontist of Weston. In most cases, you'll return in a week or so for a follow-up appointment. At that time, Segal can remove any sutures, check your healing progress, and prescribe any new treatments you need to recover completely. 

At Periodontist of Weston, your emergency dentistry needs come first. If you have any type of facial trauma, lost tooth, or other urgent dental needs, call the office for help. You can also use the online appointment tool to arrange a regular appointment at any time.