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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Extractions services offered in Weston, FL

If you have painful or impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed, the specialists at Periodontist of Weston can help. Periodontal specialist Tamir Segal, DMD, and the skilled team offer wisdom teeth extractions at their office in Weston, Florida. Call the office to learn more about the procedure or schedule a consultation online today.

What are wisdom teeth extractions?

Around 10 million wisdom teeth are removed each year. Wisdom teeth extractions are common dental surgeries that allow your provider to eliminate wisdom teeth (your back molars) that are painful, take up too much space in your mouth, or grow in sideways.

Dr. Segal is highly trained in dental surgery and has many years of experience removing wisdom teeth in patients of all ages.

Do I need wisdom teeth extractions?

Dr. Segal lets you know if you need wisdom teeth extractions after examining your teeth and gums, reviewing your dental X-rays, and discussing your symptoms and desired results. Most people benefit from wisdom teeth extractions, though not everyone needs them. If your wisdom teeth take up too much space or are painful, removing them is usually a good idea.

Potential adverse effects of not removing wisdom teeth include sinus problems, damage to nearby teeth, cavities, jaw damage, and inflamed gums.

How should I prepare for wisdom teeth extractions?

Follow Dr. Segal’s instructions to get ready for the procedure. You might need to stop taking some medicines or dietary supplements and arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure. Wear comfortable clothing to your scheduled appointment.

What happens during the procedure?

Dr. Segal numbs the treatment area to make sure you avoid discomfort during wisdom teeth extractions. He offers a sedative to relax you or help you fall asleep. Dr. Segal makes incisions, removes your wisdom teeth, and closes the incisions afterward.

He might place gauze in your mouth and observe you in the recovery area for a short time before sending you home with a friend or family member. 

What should I expect after wisdom teeth extractions?

Get plenty of rest after wisdom teeth extractions. Take your medicine as directed, and be gentle on your teeth and gums. Avoid drinking through a straw, brushing your teeth vigorously, and doing intense physical activity until Dr. Segal gives you permission.

Follow a soft-food diet to begin with, working your way up gradually to consuming other foods. Attend all follow-up visits at Periodontist of Weston.

Schedule an appointment at Periodontist of Weston by phone or book online to find out if you can benefit from wisdom teeth extractions.