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Took two minutes to contradict ten years and 4 other specialists, of course he made the wrong diagnosis

Dr Chaux | Oct 16, 2021

Unfortunately not a good experience! I paid U$ 160,00 for the doctor to look at me and say that he will not exam my situation without runs some exams. Meaning, the secretary should tell me that since it's the first time, the doctor will only talk to me and review the situation after runs some exams. Spent time and money for nothing.

Anonymous | Jul 29, 2021

Extremely bad experience! Before schedule an appointment, I asked if they accept my dental insurance. They confirmed and the appointment was scheduled. After the doctor spoke with me (it was not a doctor consult, he just spoke with me), the assistant informed that I have to pay U$ 145,00 for the consult. I asked why have to pay this price if they accepted my dental insurance, they informed that consult is not accepted by my dental insurance. Why they didn't call me to inform? Why only inform after the "consult"? Not problem to pay but unfair from TSegal Perio Implants of Weston knows the cost and NOT inform the customer.

Anonymous | Oct 02, 2020

Friendly and welcoming staff. Renee was very polite and worked diligently to resolve matters important to me. Would recommend to anyone !

Joshua Rodriguez | Jun 06, 2020

wonderful periodontist in weston fl! i had an amazing experience with them. Dr Segal is very knowledgable and i finally found "The Periodontist" that can do my implants!! I've been looking for different dentists and periodontists, but he is the one. thank you!!

Anonymous | Apr 05, 2019

Great surgeon, used him recently for soft tissue grafting and he was excellent. His dental assistant and manager were very helpful and easy to work with. I sincerely have recommended Dr Segal to family and friends.

Emma | Nov 19, 2018

I received great care from Dr. Segal and his staff. I need to have dental cleanings more often than most people, and Dr. Segal and his hygienist are always so easy to deal with and good explaining and answering all my concerns. His office has a great atmosphere like they all want to be there and make you feel welcomed. I recommend them for implants and hygiene visits.

Ana | Jun 13, 2018

Very down to earth with patients. Explains everything in detail, very trustworthy and easy to deal with. Great office staff.

Anonymous | Jun 22, 2016

I was very happy with Dr. Segal and his staff. They completely put me as ease and comfortable. Made for a very pleasant appointment.

Anonymous | Jan 21, 2015
“Yesterday, I went to Dr. Segal’s office again for tooth implant after the successful bone grafting surgery in July. He placed three implants in my lower right jaw. Again Dr. Segal treated me in a caring, competent, and professional manner. He was also very careful and cautious during the process. While explaining every step of the procedures to his new assistant, he also said a couple of times: “Check, check, and check. We don’t want to regret later.” I feel very happy with my new implants and look forward to the crowns down the road. Dr. Segal and his staff are dental care at its best.”

Dr Segal – true professional: kind, thoughtful and very skilled at his craft. Detailed step-by-step plan and execution through completion of the process. All my question were answered to my satisfaction. The doctor was always available via phone. All appointments were all on time. Appointment notification by text to confirm was great. ALL Staff was friendly and very competent. If you need a Periodontist – Dr Segal will take extra good care of you. I Highly Recommend Dr. Tamir Segal. 5 STARS- Excellent! Thank you for your help

Dr Segal is AMAZING – I have had 2 implants done, and his skill and professionalism is amazing. I don’t like needles, and it always turns out much better than expected as Dr Segal as a surgeon is very talented. I also do regular teeth cleanings and the staff and office is first class. If you have important work to be done, I can’t give a higher recommendation, this is the place to get implants done right.

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