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Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery services offered in Weston, FL

If you need soft-tissue surgery because of gum disease or other oral health problems, the experts at Periodontist of Weston can help. Periodontal specialist Tamir Segal, DMD, and his skilled team offer periodontal surgery to reduce soft-tissue damage, repair deformities, or restore gum tissue. Call the office in Weston, Florida, to learn more about your choices or schedule a consultation online today.

What is periodontal surgery?

Periodontal surgery removes, repairs, or restores tissues damaged by gum disease. The surgery can correct gum, tooth, and bone damage. Periodontist of Weston offers several periodontal surgeries to meet your needs, and Dr. Segal has many years of experience in this field.

Who benefits from periodontal surgery?

Candidates for periodontal surgery often include those with gum disease. You might have bright red gums, bleeding or receding gums, or jawbone loss due to severe gum disease. The disease can also affect permanent teeth, causing them to become loose and eventually fall out.

Is periodontal surgery right for me?

Dr. Segal reviews treatment choices with you after discussing your symptoms and oral health history, examining your teeth and gums, and reviewing the results of your dental X-rays. He customizes your treatment plan that can include watchful waiting or one or more surgeries.

What are the common periodontal surgeries?

The different periodontal surgeries available at Periodontist of Weston include:

Osseous surgery

During osseous surgery, also called pocket reduction surgery, Dr. Segal numbs the affected areas and offers you a sedative. He folds back the gum tissue, removes the infection, smoothes out the treatment area, applies bone grafts if needed, and reattaches gum tissue.


Gingivectomy is a gum disease procedure in which Dr. Segal numbs the treatment area and uses a scalpel or laser to remove infected gum tissues. He then reattaches the remaining healthy gums.


A frenulum in your mouth connects your upper lip to your gums and your tongue to your lower mouth. In some cases, the frenulum is thickened or restricts tongue, lip, or mouth movements. 

A frenectomy cuts restrictive tissue to improve mouth movements and eliminate lip-tie and tongue-tie. Dr. Segal numbs the treatment area and makes a tiny incision, which usually takes just 10-15 minutes to complete.

What should I expect after periodontal surgery?

After periodontal surgery at Periodontist of Weston, it’s important to follow Dr. Segal’s instructions. The soft tissue in your mouth will probably be tender or swollen during the healing process. Take medicine as directed, get plenty of rest, and avoid strenuous activity until given permission. You might need to follow a soft-food diet for a short time.

After healing, you can enjoy all of the benefits periodontal surgery offers. Follow up with Dr. Segal at Periodontist of Weston and attend your regular six-month dental exams and cleanings.

Call the Periodontist of Weston office today or use the online scheduler to learn more about periodontal surgery and if it’s right for you.